It could be said that although Intuition® is a training restaurant providing hands on experience for our student staff, it may well make some of our competitors sit up and realise that dining out should be an experience. To justify the title ‘restaurant’, means achieving a standard that is not just acceptable, but exemplary. To attain this level however, takes alot of work - so don’t judge a book by it’s cover alone!! At Friern Manor, we work closely with recognised training associations and institutes; enabling us to offer our chefs and service staff a unique education within the hospitality industry - and a first hand experience in the art of fine dining. Intuition® was particularly devised with this in mind, but additionally offers our prospective clients the chance to sample the culinary expertise and recommended menus from our talented and experienced chefs. Our food and wine selections will therefore be created from our banqueting selectors and will mirror image the attention to detail that makes us exemplary, not just acceptable. Our price includes complimentary aperitifs and a full four-course meal along with our specially selected table wines.